The Concept

In this series of photographs I have asked writers if they have a 'Place in Mind'.

I then take a photograph of that place and send it to them. They write 350 words about that place that stand beside the photograph.

I photograph with a keen interest in this sense of place. The camera I use is a 10x8 inch plate camera which has the ability to drink in the scene in front of it. The process is gentle and I try to take one single exposure. The resulting photograph has enormous detail and a strong ability to convey this sense of being 'there'.

The aim is to provide a level of dialogue between photographer and writer which goes just beyond the idea of one simply illustrating the other. I am interested in the dialogue. The strength of place and the sure-footedness of the photograph, I hope, allow the writer really to explore an idea about that place.

This project runs parallel to an ongoing series based on my own ideas idea of Place in Mind... photographs of places that belong as much in the mind as they do in reality. I am interested in the final work's ability to transcend the strong sense of reality it portrays.


Do you have a place in Mind?


If you have a place that is occupying your thoughts I would like to know.

No need to write your 350 words ... just a short outline of the place, where it is, and why it is important.

If you would like to suggest a Place in Mind then please email me


Harry Cory Wright